NAEC Stoneleigh, 8th and 9th July 2020

2019 Exhibitor List

2019 Exhibitor List

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Stand: 1543

Created in 2001, 3DCERAM is a company based in Limoges and managed by Christophe Chaput and Richard Gaignon since 2009.

The company has been producing ceramic parts by additive manufacturing since 2005 thanks to a 3D printer that it has developed for its own needs: the CERAMAKER printer. In 2015, 3DCERAM has decided to market 3D printing lines based on the CERAMAKER printer and associated services.

3M Advanced Materials

Stand: 1306

There's so much we could say when we are asked about our company - but let's keep things simple. We are a science-based technology company that is committed to improving lives and doing business in the right way - which is why we have been listed as a World's Most Ethical Company for three years in succession. And we love applying our science to creating products that, in big ways and small, make things better in some way. Helping people to be safe. Making them more productive. Protecting their health. Safeguarding the environment. And we have an insatiable appetite for meeting the world's ever-changing challenges.



Stand: 1319

Abalonyx was founded in 2005 by Dr. Rune Wendelbo in collaboration with Oslo Innovation Center AS. Several major projects funded by the Reseach Council of Norway, Innovation Norway and EU have been completed, resulting in a portfolio of technologies and products now ready for commercialization. Since 2014, graphene oxide and graphene oxide derivatives are sold worldwide.

Stand: 1312 is the world's first vertical B2B trading platform, mainly focusing on abrasive's stock transaction, including upstream and downstream companies and trading needs, as well as refractory, metallurgy and foundry industries. We committed to integrating global inventory information on abrasive materials, helping worldwide buyers finding the quality suppliers,and also help China's small and medium-sized enterprises directly participate in the international trades.


Stand: 1611

Admatec started as a research project in Summer 2012 at Formatec Ceramics, a company specialised in ceramic injection molding (CIM). In looking for different ways to shape ceramics, Formatec set up a project with ECN (Energy Center Netherlands). Forming a strong base together in knowledge and experience, thorough studies resulted in developing a way to 3D print ceramics. Now, Admatec is a company dedicated to producing ceramics through Additive Manufacturing from single piece to large-scale series.

Agate Products

Stand: 1539

Founded in 1946, Agate Products is a leader in the precision machining and supply of all ultra-hard materials, such as advanced technical ceramics including alumina, quartz, sapphire, silicon carbide and many more materials.

We service a wide customer base across many industries both in the UK and around the world.

Alumina Systems

Stand: 1548

Alumina Systems will be showcasing their ceramic ALD (Atomic-Layer-Deposition) ring success story. Displayed on their stand attendees will hear details of this revolutionary manufacturing technology as part of the Additive Manufacturing session at the conference. The gas distribution component is made of three Alumina rings diameter of 380 mm. The rings are joined by glass braze. For optimal gas distribution it is equipped with 3D printed ceramic nozzles made of Al2O3 99,9%. The ring can simultaneously supply the coating space with two different precursor gases.


Anton Paar Ltd

Stand: 1318

Anton Paar (est. in 1922) manufactures cutting-edge laboratory instruments for industry and research. It is the world leader in materials characterisation

A variety of measurement solutions are available from Mechanical Surface Characterisation, density, CO2 concentration, Microwave Synthesis, Viscometry, Polarimetry, Refractometry, Rheology, X-Ray Scattering,  Surface, Particle size, Chemical and Nanostructure Analysis characterisation

Applied Graphene Materials

Stand: 1028

Applied Graphene Materials works in partnership with its customers using its knowledge and expertise to provide custom graphene dispersions and formats to deliver enhancements and benefits for a wide range of applications. The Group's strategy is to target commercial applications in three core markets: coatings, composites and polymers plus functional fluids.

Archer Technicoats Ltd

Stand: 1210

Since its establishment in 1980 ATL has a focussed objective of solving the most challenging coating challenges using Chemical Vapour Deposition and related processes, either in isolation or combination with other processes to create complex hybrid materials.   Rather than focus on a particular sector, material, or on a particular part of solving the problem ATL quickly realised that to best meet its mission it needed to become expert in both R&D and systems engineering, using transferrable skills.

Ash Technologies

Stand: 1119

Ash Technologies was founded in 1994 to design and manufacture a range of award winning electronic magnifiers for the visually impaired.  In 2013, Ash decided to apply its innovation and design skills to digital vision and inspection for industry.  This is now our primary business focus.


Biolin Scientific AB

Stand: 1108

Biolin Scientific is a leading Nordic instrumentation company with roots in Sweden and Finland. Our customers include companies working with life science, energy, chemicals, and advanced materials development, as well as academic and governmental research institutes. Our precision instruments help develop better solutions for energy and materials, and perform research at the frontiers of science and technology.

British Ceramic Confederation

Stand: 1457

Representing the collective interest of all sectors of ceramic manufacturing in Britain, we safeguard the industry's prosperity and lead sector discussions and negotiations with Government and public authorities. 

We also provide wide ranging professional advice to members, covering employment law, health and safety, energy, emissions, planning and waste management issues. We promote environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing.  

Bruker UK Ltd

Stand: 1324

Bruker enables scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. Bruker’s high-performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels. In close cooperation with our customers, Bruker is enabling innovation, productivity and customer success in life science molecular research, in applied and pharma applications, and in microscopy, nano-analysis and industrial applications.

Brunel University London

Stand: 1120

Brunel University London works closely with industry to develop cutting edge technology to solve today’s global challenges aligned to the Automotive and Advanced manufacturing, Energy, water and food, Digital, Healthcare and Creative Industries sectors. We deliver solutions through a number of major national industrial scale facilities in partnerships with industry.

Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd

Stand: 1517

Iron contamination in a fired ceramic product causes serious defects. The presence of weakly magnetic fine iron and mineral iron can also affect the colour and brightness, especially on white ceramics such as tableware, tiles and sanitaryware. This contamination is successfully removed using a design of high intensity Magnetic Separator.


CALMERIC (University of Wolverhampton)

Stand: 1206

CALMERIC – the Composite and Additive Layer Materials Engineering Research & Innovation Centre - supports engineering and manufacturing SMEs based within Shropshire and Staffordshire to carry out advanced materials research projects. CALMERIC is based in the School of Engineering at the University of Wolverhampton’s Telford Campus – call on our stand for an invitation to visit.

CDS Group

Stand: 1422

With an unprecedented level of expertise in a multitude of sectors, and an international reputation for delivering only the most innovative and efficient products, the CDS group represents a versatile, multi-faceted network of organisations at the cutting edge of several industries.

CN Technical Services Ltd

Stand: 1336

CN Technical Services Limited provides solutions to academics, scientists, and engineers in the ever-growing range of applications in the field of Materials Testing. Our customers come from a broad spectrum which encompasses industrial manufacturing, R&D and QA, as well as academic and government research.

Carbolite Gero

Stand: 1217

The CARBOLITE GERO brand is synonymous with high quality, leading heat technology in the design and manufacture of laboratory and industrial ovens and furnaces ranging from 30 °C to 3000 °C and sold globally to over 100 countries.


Stand: 1329

Catax are experts in specialist areas of tax relief, including Capital Allowances, Research & Development (R&D) and the Patent Box. With over 10 years experience, we have identified over £221m in tax benefit for our clients to date. Our average client benefit is £48k for Capital Allowances and £54k for R&D and the Patent Box!

We’re headquartered in Manchester, with offices in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Channel Islands. We have specialist staff dotted all over the country, so are able to help any business in any location across the UK with their tax relief claim.

Centre for Energy Efficient Materials (University of York)

Stand: 1026

The University of York's Centre for Energy Efficient Materials (CEEM) is a world-class research institute for advanced materials synthesis, characterisation and predictive modelling.

Working with global leaders in electronics, energy generation and energy conversion technologies, we are developing innovative, nanoscale materials to drive sustainable economic growth.

Centre for Process Innovation

Stand: 1013

At CPI we work with our partners to develop products and processes that enhance health and well-being, protect and improve our environment and increase productivity across industries. In doing so, we support the development of next-generation manufacturing organisations which require highly-skilled jobs, and will result in sustained economic growth for the UK.

Ceramic Applications

Stand: 1541

CERAMIC APPLICATIONS is the platform of component manufacturers for presenting solutions of technical ceramics on the market. Users from every industry are given an overview of the wide-ranging potential uses of ceramic components, contacts with manufacturers. CERAMIC APPLICATIONS as being a publication (print) and the website (online) for further development of ceramic components and their integration in complex systems. CERAMIC APPLICATIONS is the new platform (print and on-line) for advances in the development of ceramic components and their integrative design in complex industrial solutions to realize sustainable, economic applications in the wide range of user segments.

Ceramic Industry Magazine

Stand: 1601

Ceramic Industry serves as the exclusive global voice of ceramic manufacturing. Providing up-to-date coverage of news, issues and trends, CI’s editorial reaches emerging marketing professionals in corporate, operating, research & development and production job fields. Connect with product developers through our publications, our special issues, digital products and events. Our extensive research on how your customers develop products allows us to continuously create new, powerful multi-media options to fit your needs.

Ceramitec Conference Exhibition 2019

Stand: 1451

Ceramitec is the central event at which the entire ceramics industry–from manufacturers through to scientists–comes together. Over the course of four days, over 600 exhibitors from all over the world present their entire portfolios at the ceramics trade fair: machinery, devices, systems, processes, and raw materials. Every branch of the industry is represented, from classic ceramics through industrial ceramics, ceramic engineering to technical ceramics and powder metallurgy.

Cerion Nanomaterials

Stand: 1316


Cerion is a leader in the science of designing, scaling and manufacturing metal, metal oxide and ceramic nanomaterials for companies developing products or systems.

The cost of developing advanced expertise in nanomaterials is prohibitively expensive and time intensive, resulting in a significant barrier to entry for companies considering its adoption. Cerion provides companies with access to this expertise through all phases of the product lifecycle including applied research, development, scale-up, commercialization and manufacturing.

Cerion’s position in the market is enabled by three strategic competitive advantages: deep and demonstrated capability in a.) precision design and customization of both nanoparticle size and technical attributes, b.) robust processes to scale materials from prototype to low and high-volume production rates, and c.) industry-leading, cost-effective manufacturing systems and production capacities.



Stand: 1413

Ceritherm is a French engineering company based in Limoges, dedicated to industrial kilns and dryers manufacturing. Ceritherm offers kilns (from 100°C to 1800°C), equipment, services and maintenance worldwide.  Keeping energy efficiency as a key topic, Ceritherm develops innovative solutions for heavy clay, technical ceramics, tableware, aeronautics, heat treatment industries...

Coventive Composites

Stand: 1343

Coventive Composites is an independent consultancy, providing extensive technical expertise and access to pilot-scale processing equipment to help clients develop and commercialise novel composite materials and components. Our services encompass:

- Market intelligence;
- Materials and process development;
- Design and structural analysis;
- Pilot-scale manufacturing and prototyping;
- Materials characterisation and testing and;
- Training.

Cranfield University

Stand: 1021

As the UK’s only exclusively postgraduate university, Cranfield’s world-class expertise, large-scale facilities and unrivalled industry partnerships is creating leaders in technology and management globally.

Creatz3D Pte Ltd

Stand: 1717

Creatz3D Ceramics is a specialized division dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of high-performance 3D printing ceramic applications. Producing parts with complex features like channels and lattice structures direct from 3D printing, companies can avoid going down the tedious traditional route with ceramics 3D printing and reinvent their ceramic components.


DataPhysics Instruments

Stand: 1112

DataPhysics Instruments has established a worldwide reputation for the provision of high quality and innovative measurement equipment within the field of surface and interfacial science. With more than 2500 installations across a diverse range of laboratories, DataPhysics Instruments is regarded as a reliable and professional partner, providing specialised products and individual advice. And the customer base continues to grow, year on year.


Stand: 1219

Deben is a precision engineering company which specialises in the field of tensile testing, motion control and specimen cooling for microscopy applications. Established in 1986 and named after a Suffolk river, Deben now operates from a large modern business unit in Woolpit, near Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.

Main product groups are motor control systems, micro-tensile stages, cooling stages, digital imaging for SEM & TEM and beam blanking equipment. We also make special one off versions of these products to meet specific customer requirements.

Dunhua Zhengxing Abrasive

Stand: 1607

Dunhua Zhengxing Abrasive, as one of the most important professional manufacturers of Boron Carbide in the world, can supply grain sizes according to the standards of FEPA (F4 to F1200), GB/T-2481-1998, JIS, ANSI, nuclear grades, and customer tailor-made specifications, and is certificated by ISO9001 in 2002, ISO14001 in 2004, and CMS testing management system. Yearly capacity is 5000 ton.


Stand: 1220

We offer a complete service package, including accessories and spare parts, so you can trust we will be there to assist you as you focus on your core business. Our main goals are to help you achieve an efficient production process, increase productivity, improve product quality and promote a safe working environment. The fact is that everything runs so much more smoothly when you avoid being stopped or disturbed by dust and other pollutants, not to mention the better air quality that is the result of professional dust extraction. In short, Dustcontrol supplies portable machines and stationary extraction systems to help companies all over the world to achieve better results.  



Stand: 1511

Ebury is a financial technology company, specialising in short term lending, cross-border payments and FX risk management. Ebury’s unique product offering helps businesses to accelerate their international growth by unlocking capital and protecting their margins. Using innovative products and technology, they are able to bring the kind of service and pricing normally reserved by banks for their largest clients to SMEs. Currently, Ebury works with over 40,000 businesses and organizations around the globe, has traded over £12.5bn in foreign exchange in the past 12 months.

Eisenmann Thermal Solutions

Stand: 1509

Systems and solutions for the production and processing of lightweight materials, technical ceramics, powder chemicals & catalysts, as well as high performance metals.

Elliot Scientific

Stand: 1211

Elliot Scientific delivers 'Solution Science' to our customers in the measurement and analysis of semiconductors, thin films, catalysis, surface science, polymers and life sciences. For over 25 years we have provided advice, equipment and solutions ideally matched to solving today's problems in research and industry. Among the products we offer are Vibrating Sample Magnetometers and Hall Effect Measurement Systems manufactured by Lake Shore Cryotronics, Digital Holographic Microscopes from Lyncée Tec, and the award-winning Confocal Raman Imaging systems with AFM developed by WITec.

Stop by stand 1211 and chat to one of our experts about your applications, and how we can help with your research and analysis requirements.

Engis Corporation

Stand: 1723

Engis help people and businesses improve productivity and profitability by bringing the Power of Superabrasive Finishing Systems to industry around the world, Engis bring their expertise in Lapping & Polishing, Grinding and Precision Bore Finishing systems in particular, to the Ceramics and Advanced Materials markets

Enterprise Telford

Stand: 1206


Enterprise Telford is Telford & Wrekin Council's inward investment and business support service, offering organisations fast, responsive and bespoke solutions to help them achieve their goals.  By offering businesses high quality, ready-to-go land that’s cost-effective and in a central location; along with multi-million pound investments in infrastructure, workforce and tailored business support, Enterprise Telford ensures the town is an unrivalled place to do business.

Enviro Analytical Instruments GmbH

Stand: 1101

Enviro Analytical Instruments GmbH (EAI) was established in 2016 as an innovative spin-off company to answer the need for different analytical methods for a wider range of customers. EAI was founded to build upon the pioneering developments of recent years at SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH to develop novel and smart analysis tools to overcome the barriers of standard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopic methods (XPS) by enabling analyses at pressures far above ultra-high vacuum using an instrument named EnviroESCA. It allows for surface chemical analysis of solids, liquids and gases and their respective interfaces.

European Cluster of Ceramics

Stand: 1413

The unique competitiveness cluster dedicated to ceramics since 2005. Based in Limoges, the cluster is recognized as a reference expert in France in the field of ceramics. It unites 125 members around ceramic activities: research laboratories, training centres, transfer centres and industrial companies.


FCT Systeme GMBH

Stand: 1558

FCT Systeme GmbH is today a leader in development and production of equipment used for hot pressing, spark plasma sintering, gas pressure and vacuum sintering

Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd

Stand: 1218

Fischer Instrumentation has a long standing reputation for high precision premium equipment in coating thickness measurement and materials analysis, nano-indentation and material testing. Fischer has been developing innovative measuring technology for over 60 years covering a range of instruments including XRF, hand held gauges, bench top instruments and nano-indentation testers.


Stand: 1611

Hightech ceramics. Formatec Ceramics specializes in the development and manufacturing of technical ceramic products and components. With technical ceramics it is possible to produce highly wear-resistant, temperature-resistant, biological- and chemical-resistant products. Products which are used in (high-tech) industry as well as in exclusive consumer goods.

Foshan Nanhai Shin-Elkiko Co.,Ltd

Stand: 1620

FOSHAN NANHAI SHIN-EIKIKO CO., LTD (SKK CHINA) is a flourishing company located in Foshan city- one of the largest ceramic industry base in China. Relying on 60-year tableware machinery making experience of SHIN-EI KIKO CO., LTD (SKK JAPAN), in order to provide high quality tableware making equipment and professional technical solutions for daily-use porcelain industry, in 2012, we introduced the patented technology of Japan SKK, and established factory in 2013.



Stand: 1626

Gasbarre, headquartered in DuBois, PA, was founded in 1973 to design, manufacture, and service a complete line of powder compaction and sizing presses for the powder metallurgy industry. 

Gerhardt UK

Stand: 1112

Gerhardt UK Ltd. will proudly showcase examples of the DataPhysics GmbH (surface science solutions) product line and supportive Fritsch GmbH (sample preparation) range.

Liquid/solid contact angle, surface free energy and the wetting characteristics of even the most complex surfaces are amongst the challenges met by our product specialists at Gerhardt UK. In addition; we offer a range of solutions to the varied challenge of, laboratory scale, sample preparation and analysis with wide appeal across the advanced materials markets. Having worked with DataPhysics GmbH and Fritsch GmbH for a combined period of over 30 years, Gerhardt UK are well positioned to present these complimentary product lines to this important market sector.


Stand: 1405

Glassbond (NW) Ltd has grown and developed over the last 38 years and is now recognised as the world’s largest independent manufacturer of adhesive lamp capping cement, supplying in excess of 100 customers in over 25 countries.

Our High Temperature ceramic adhesives are sold throughout Europe via a network of dedicated agents and distributors. We are also the world’s largest producer of bespoke thermosetting moulding compounds specifically for the lawn bowl market, with over 100 products and colour combinations being supplied to customers throughout the UK and Australia With global sales in excess of £3.5m per annum and customers that include major companies such as Rolls Royce, General Electric, Osram, Philips, Ledvance, Henselite and Taylor Bowls.


Stand: 1242

Glassflake is a pioneer in the glass flake industry, being the first to produce flakes using a rotary process. With a history of innovation and product development, today Glassflake produces unique materials in a thickness range from 100 nanometers to 7 microns, which are used in many applications including but not limited to:

  • Protective coatings
  • Powder coatings
  • Automotive coatings
  • Polymers
  • Special effect pigments


Stand: 1140

Currently celebrating 70 years of facilitating scientific innovation, Goodfellow is a leading global supplier of metals, alloys, ceramics, glasses, polymers, compounds, composites and other materials to meet the research, development and specialist production requirements of science and industry. The company has an extensive range of 70,000 catalogue products in multiple forms available off the shelf, most subject to free delivery within 48 hours and with no minimum order quantities.

Graphene Council

Stand: 1202

The Graphene Council  was founded in 2013 with a mission to serve the global community of graphene professionals. Today, The Graphene Council is the largest community in the world for graphene researchers, academics, producers, developers, investors, nanotechnologists, regulatory agencies, research institutes, material science specialists and even the general public. We reach more than 50,000 people with an interest in this amazing material. 


Stand: 1002

Graphenest is a provider of graphene-based solutions for advanced composites, functional coatings and inks, based on a proprietary manufacturing technology for graphene that is more efficient and environmentally-friendly. Graphenest launched its first  2 products in January 2019: HexaMatrix, the world's strongest off-the-shelf graphene reinforced epoxy, and HexaShield, the world's first off-the-shelf, graphene-based, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding paint.


Stand: 1613

GrindoSonic is being used worldwide, in scientific institutions as well as in numerous industries.

The measurements are based on Impulse Excitation Technique which is recognized by numerous international Standards.

Main characteristics :

  • Measurement porosity, nodularity, hardness, dimensions, elasticity, cracks, material evolution
  • E-G, Poisson calculation
  • Measurements are Non-Destructive
  • Results are highly accurate up to 1 ppm
  • Wide range of sample sizes and geometries
  • The measurements are extremely simple and rapid
  • The instrument is robust and highly reliable
  • FFT visualization
  • Eight hardware analog filtering bands
  • Half height measurement of the damping ratio


Hans Lingl (UK)

Stand: 1526

In 1936, Hans Lingl developed and patented an innovative process to engobe roof tiles. Two years later, he converted a small bicycle shop in Bavaria into a production workshop and began to bring his idea to life.
75 years on, the company he founded has become the largest independent, privately-run supplier of equipment and services to the heavy clay industry in the world with over 500 employees and locations on every continent.

Henry Royce Institute

Stand: 1116

Operating with its Hub at The University of Manchester, the Henry Royce Institute is a partnership of nine leading institutions – the universities of Cambridge, Imperial College London, Liverpool, Leeds, Oxford, Sheffield, the National Nuclear Laboratory, and UKAEA.

The Royce coordinates over 900 academics and over £300 million of facilities, providing a joined-up framework that can deliver beyond the current capabilities of individual partners or research teams.

Hitachi High Tech

Stand: 1129

Hitachi is one of the world’s leading corporations developing solutions in materials science, energy and electronics. Our electron and atomic force microscopes provide powerful materials characterisation for research and quality control.

Whatever the material we can give you deeper insights to the morphology, chemical composition, or electrical/mechanical/magnetic properties.


Stand: 1216

The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automotive R&D, process and environmental monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing and metrology, to a broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements. Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA Brand.


IBU-tec advanced materials AG

Stand: 1522

Specialist for rotary kilns and thermal treatments – from the lab to industrial scale production. You will receive solutions that minimize development risk while shortening your time-to-market.


Stand: 1104

IKA offers a wide range of innovative equipment for numerous applications in R&D and production. Market leaders trust in our proven technology for their mixing, heating, distilling and crushing applications. IKA is known worldwide as a market leader with its innovative magnetic stirrers, mixers, overhead stirrers, shakers, homogenizers, & mills.

IPS Ceramics

Stand: 1412

Led by team with an accumulated 250 years’ experience in ceramic design, manufacture, installation and sales, IPS Ceramics offers one of the world’s broadest ranges of cordierite-mullite kiln superstructures and primary and secondary kiln furniture refractories. It works closely with producers of tableware, hotelware, sanitaryware, insulators, abrasives and speciality ceramics to increase capacities, throughput and fuel efficiency.
The company also offers an ever-growing portfolio of technical ceramics, including high purity alumina, silicon carbide, aluminium nitride, silicon nitride, glass-ceramics, zirconia, high-grade cordierite and steatite. These components are used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries and can be custom engineered and produced. IPS Ceramics is headquartered in the British ceramic industry’s heartland and ancillary services include design consultancy, bespoke cutting of alumina tubes, and a CNC rapid prototyping facility.


ITL Vacuum

Stand: 1029

ITL was first established in the 1960’s, specialising in the manufacture of special electro-optical tubes for university and science research applications. 

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, ITL expanded rapidly with the introduction of a full range of KF, ISO and Conflat catalogue vacuum hardware flange and fitting components augmented with glass to metal seals, viewports, feedthroughs, ionisation gauge heads and manufacture of custom designed chambers and non-standards.

Since the 1990’s, ITL has developed and maintained several significant key accounts, serving the world leading vacuum equipment suppliers and during this time received a number of achievement recognitions, including Virgin Fastrack 100 and Sussex Business awards.

Imperial College London

Stand: 1518

Ranked 8th in the world in the QS World University Rankings® 2019, Imperial College London is a one-of-a-kind institution in the UK, focusing solely on science, engineering, medicine and business. Imperial offers an education that is research-led, exposing you to real world challenges with no easy answers, teaching that opens everything up to question and opportunities to work across multi-cultural, multi-national teams. Imperial is based in South Kensington in London, in an area known as ‘Albertopolis’, Prince Albert and Sir Henry Cole’s 19th century vision for an area where science and the arts would come together.

Indian Ceramics Asia

Stand: 1451

Indian Ceramics is India’s leading annual trade fair and conference for ceramic and brick Industry with presence of all leading companies showcase a wide range of ceramics and brick latest machinery , high quality raw materials, analysis and laboratory equipment, technical ceramics, equipment for storage, materials handling and much more used in ceramics and bricks industry.

Running in its 14th annual edition, Indian Ceramics will take place from Feb 27- March 1, 2019 in Gujarat, India. As the only B2B show for suppliers to the ceramics and bricks industry in India, this event covers the entire spectrum of ceramic and brick machinery, raw materials, supplies & technology.


Stand: 1609

Induzir is a company headquartered in the Industrial Zone of Jardoeira – Batalha Portugal, in which the main activity is the design, construction, installation and repair of kilns and similar equipment for the metalurgic and ceramic industries.

Our company builds from the small kiln studio until the tunnel kilns for large productions: stoneware, tableware, terracotta, porcelain, structural ceramic, refractory materials. Recently we started to build kilns for other industrial applications, particularly in the metalomechanics area.


Stand: 1641

INMATEC Technologies GmbH is a manufacturer of ceramic injection moulding compounds (feedstocks) focussing on alumina and zirconia oxide injection moulding compounds.

INMATEC was founded as a production company in 1997 by Dr. Wolfgang Kollenberg and Dr. Moritz von Witzleben. The venture capital company eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners AG joined the investors of INMATEC Technologies in 1999, the PBD – Beteiligungs GmbH and the company AMR Engineering in 2004.

Innovate UK

Stand: 1228

Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is Innovate UK’s network partner. KTN helps businesses get the best out of creativity, ideas and the latest discoveries, to strengthen the UK economy and improve people’s lives. KTN links new ideas and opportunities with expertise, markets and finance through our network of businesses, universities, funders and investors.

Innovation Network for Advanced Materials

Stand: 1002

INAM connects Research and Industry with Start-ups in Advanced Materials and related services. We bundle our competencies and resources to bring innovations faster to the market.  

Institute of Materials Finishing

Stand: 1022

To provide a focus for Surface Engineering and Finishing activities worldwide through the fulfilment of the technical, educational and professional needs at all levels for both the individuals and companies involved in the coatings industry


Stand: IP102

Intellegens is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge that has developed a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) method for training neural networks from incomplete data sets. The technique, developed in the Department of Physics, has been applied in drug discovery and material design but as the technique is generic it can be applied to many domains where there is big, incomplete data.

International Syalons / SILCA

Stand: 1643

International Syalons (Newcastle) Limited is a leading manufacturer of advanced technical ceramics, primarily silicon nitride and sialon. These engineering ceramics enable us to solve wear, corrosion and thermal resistance problems in a wide range of industrial applications and markets, such as molten metal handling, oil & gas, chemical and process, automotive and aerospace.


Stand: 1002

Inuru GmbH is worldwide the first company in nanotechnology that invented advanced materials based inks, that allow to print low-cost organic light emitting diodes (OLED) in a non laboratory environment with industry printing equipment.

Inuru’s technology is already disrupting the packaging industry with light-up packaging solutions today. But soon it will be applied to smartphones and tv displays, ambient lighting for automotive and finally general lighting. Patented ink and device technology. Enabling new form factors, 400x less CAPEX invest and 100x lower cost then State of the Art.


J A I Engineers

Stand: 1449

J A I Engineers UK’s track record is in providing solutions to difficult problems using the most high-tech advanced ceramics precision components and products. We develop, manufacture and supply precision products which required hard wearing, lightweight, non-contaminating, with excellent chemical resistance, good thermal shock and offer enhanced electrical and thermal insulation properties. The company also generates sub-assemblies to ‘plug-in and use’ - offering customers increased productivity and reduced costs.

J.Rettenmaier & Söhne

Stand: 1437

We, the JRS, J. RETTENMAIER & Söhne Group, have dedicated ourselves to research, development and processing of high quality organic fibers derived from vegetable raw materials. We make many features of these valuable natural substances available for industrial purposes.

These include products made of cellulose, cereal and fruit fibers or woodfibers, processed into microfibers, compacts, granules, mixtures or special dosage forms as needed. The Basis of these concepts is the innovative 'EPT' ,JRS Enhanced Process Technology' with its unique, innovative process engineering modular system.

Johnson Matthey

Stand: 1230

As a global leader in sustainable technologies, we apply our cutting-edge science to create solutions with our customers that make a real difference to the world around us.

We’ve been leaders in our field for more than 200 years, applying unrivalled scientific expertise to enable cleaner air, improved health and the more efficient use of our planet's natural resources.

And our story doesn’t end there. Through continued investment in sound research and development, we’re tackling the world’s big challenges into our third century and beyond.



Stand: 1426

Kemei Company, founded in 2000 in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is a professional kiln company providing integrated services such as kiln research and design, construction and commissioning. In 2007, the Kemei Company invested and built a subsidiary company (covering an area of ​​60 acres) ----- Hubei Jinghua Ceramic Technology Co


Stand: 1729

Kennametal was founded in 1938. Customers across aerospace, earthworks, energy, general engineering and transportation trust Kennametal’s innovations in materials science, tooling and wear-resistant solutions. Kennametal employs approximately 10,000 people around the globe serving customers in more than 60 countries.

Kilns & Furnaces

Stand: 1418

We put our many successful years of trading and growth down to our diverse team of dedicated professionals. Kilns & Furnaces Ltd is comprised of industry veterans and dynamic graduates alike, who bring a combination of experience and innovation to every project we take on. This means that you know each product you purchase from us offers industry leading originality backed by years of hands-on, practical expertise.


Stand: 1722

Kwambio is an additive manufacturing company and a developer of unique products with implementations in a variety of fields such as; spare part and product design, aerospace and heavy industries. As we are located in New York (HQ), London and Odessa, Ukraine this allows us to offer the highest possible quality with unbeatable prices.


Stand: 1506

Kyocera places top priority on the “Customer-First” Principle to ensure that the products and services we provide consistently delight people. Customer satisfaction requires us to respond quickly to the constant changes all around us. We also strive to create new value by organically mobilizing the technological capabilities and management resources within the Kyocera Group, using our Kyocera Philosophy, our Amoeba Management System, and our belief in managing through a “bond of human minds.” When we all combine efforts to participate in management, finding satisfaction and fulfillment in our work and expanding our true potential, we grow as human beings.
Companies are comprised of people. 



Stand: 1537

Founded in 1860, LAEIS has been a world leading supplier of high performance hydraulic presses for the production of refractories for decades. Our presses are also successfully used in other industries, e.g. for shaping of fine ceramics, technical ceramics, salt blocks and tablets, special types of building materials, anodes for aluminium smelters and other carbon based products, and numerous other applications. Supplementary to the presses we offer a full range of press related auxiliary equipment like moulds, mould filling devices, and handling systems. Additional upstream and downstream plant components like grain heating drums, mixers, dryers and kilns are also part of our scope of supply, together with the related designing and engineering activities. 

Lambda Photometrics Ltd

Stand: 1341

Lambda is a leading supplier of characterisation, measurement and analysis equipment, applied to signals from DC to Light. Our company provides hardware, software and integrated solutions throughout the UK & Ireland. Lambda’s scientists and engineers provide expert technical advice, working with you to improve; product discovery, product development and productivity. From fundamental materials research to volume manufacture, our consultative approach will ensure you receive the best advice and get the best solution for your needs.

Leica Microsystems

Stand: 1200

Leica Microsystems develops and manufactures microscopes and scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures. Leica instruments are widely recognized for their optical precision and innovative technology. They are one of the market leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy with related imaging systems, electron microscopy sample preparation, and surgical microscopes.

Lighthouse UK Ltd

Stand: 1103

Type Approval labels, Asset labels, instruction labels, vehicle legal lettering, continuous improvement labelling; equipment ID; rating plates; type approval labels; small data labels; shadow boards; labels incorporating 2D barcodes; electrical marking; safety signs and bespoke, labels can be produced instantly and economically with a Lighthouse sign and label systems.


Stand: 1019

More than 60 years ago LINSEIS started the production of thermal analysis recorders and instruments. We have taken up the challenge with pleasure to produce the required equipment for you.

The development and manufacture of thermoanalytical instruments requires dedicated research and a high degree of precision work, for us this is a matter of course for the benefit of our customers.


Stand: 1639

Lithoz specializes in the development and production of materials and additive manufacturing systems for 3D printing high-performance ceramics.

The interdisciplinary collaboration of specialists in the fields mechanical engineering, process engineering and chemistry has led to the development of a manufacturing system, which allows the production of ceramics suited for industrial and medical use.

Lu'an Greenergy Refractory and Insulation Material Co

Stand: 1409

GREENERGY REFRACTORY AND INSULATION MATERIAL CO., LTD,is a comprehensive enterprise integrating manufacturing,R&D, design,construction,consultation and post services of ceramic fiber products and a variety of refractory and insulation materials.


Stand: 1417

Lucideon is a development and commercialization organization (DCO), specializing in materials technologies and processes.  Its application of cross-industry insight, materials science expertise and innovative thinking allows industry to develop and implement disruptive technology platforms, providing cost and / or product performance benefits and enabling real market differentiation.  It utilizes its thousands of man years of experience in development, analysis and assurance to deliver significant competitive advantage to its customers.


MICC Group

Stand: 1408

MICC (Mineral Insulated Cable Company Ltd) are the UK’s only manufacturers of the full range of mineral insulated cable products.

We have the history and experience of BICC via our directors and many managerial and production staff. We are the only company in the World to manufacture using the BICC seamless tube technique.

Make it Stoke-on-Trent

Stand: 1516

Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire is a place globally recognised as the World Capital of Ceramics, leading in ceramics design and manufacturing with brands such as Wedgwood, Portmeirion, Moorcroft, Steelite, Churchill China and Emma Bridgewater thriving thanks to growing global demand for tableware manufactured in the region. Driven by unrivalled heritage and expertise in ceramics, our skills and innovations are creating advanced materials which are at the forefront of industries from automotive to healthcare. Our pivotal location at the heart of England is complemented by excellent transport links and digital infrastructure, an enthusiastic workforce, a strong commitment to investing in skills, and a positive, forward-looking approach to innovation and growth. Make Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire your next business home.

Malvern Panalytical

Stand: 1113

Malvern Panalytical is a leading provider of scientific instrumentation for the measurement of elemental concentrations, crystallographic structure, molecular structure, remote sensing, rheology, particle size, particle shape, particle concentration and more. Our technologies are used by scientists and engineers in a wide range of industries and organizations to solve the challenges associated with maximizing productivity, developing better quality products and getting them to market faster.

Master Abrasives

Stand: 1549

Having served the UK’s abrasives needs for over 50 years, Master Abrasives has built a reputation for providing high quality products and professional service under the MASTER® brand.

Materials Today


Materials Today is dedicated to the creation and sharing of materials science knowledge and experience. Supported by Elsevier, we publish high impact peer-reviewed journals, organize academic conferences, broadcast educational webinars and so much more. Our journals provide authors and readers with comprehensive coverage across materials science, spanning ground breaking discoveries to highly specialized research; offering exceptional diversity, high quality peer review, rapid publication, maximum visibility and the widest choice.

Maxon Ceramics

Stand: 1546

Maxon ceramic use CIM and MIM to develop and manufacture high-precision components customized to the special needs of your application. With CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding), maxon ceramic is able to manufacture even extremely complex ceramic molds in compliance with ISO 13485. With unique precision and high quality.

Merrow Scientific

Stand: 1144

Merrow Scientific is the UK partner for a number of overseas laboratory instrument manufacturers representing them in the UK and Ireland for sales, technical support and servicing.  These scientific instruments are very often unique with clear benefits for the user.

Mi-Net Technology Ltd

Stand: 1317

Mi-Net Technology is a scientific distributor of advanced materials, components and instruments for research and industry.

Formed in 1986 Mi-Net has enjoyed over 30 successful years and currently represents a multitude of leading edge suppliers.


Stand: 1549

At Microdiamant, we are committed to the micron diamond market. We have been constantly optimizing and re-inventing micron diamond, and are today respected as the technological leader in this market. The driving force that keeps us at the forefront of innovation is what we call the «diamond fever». 


Stand: 1209

Micromeritics Instruments Corporation is a global provider of solutions for material characterization with best-in-class instrumentation and application expertise in five core areas: density; surface area and porosity; particle size and shape; powder characterization; and catalyst characterization and process development. Founded in 1962, the company has headquarters in Norcross, Georgia, USA and more than 300 employees worldwide. Contract testing is offered via the Particle Testing Authority (PTA). 

Minchem Group

Stand: 1419

Minchem Ltd is a UK-based company offering a range of specialized inorganic and mineral based products (typically focused around zirconium materials) to the world, for use in Abrasives, Animal Feed, Catalyst, Ceramics (Advanced/Fine/Technical), Chemical Manufacture, Coatings, Electronics, Healthcare, Leather Tanning, Metal Finishing, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Refractories (Cement/Glass/Steel) and others. The Minchem Group also comprises: Minchem HMP Ltd, specialising in the manufacture of zirconium silicate and aluminium-based products; and ACCS Ltd, specialising in lining systems for protecting infrastructure against aggressive chemical environments.

Minden Systems

Stand: 1246

As a UK manufacturer we can provide a complete service from manufacture and design, right through to servicing, advice and training for your high velocity extraction system. Our range includes ATEX and HEPA solutions. We can also provide accessories, tools and hoses to fit any brand of system  

MoistTech Corp

Stand: 1440

MoistTech Corp.™ has quickly become the leader in Moisture Measurement as well as monitoring Fat / Oil and Coating Moisture / Thickness for the converting and film applications. MoistTech is supported by the original manufacturers of Near-Infrared (NIR) technology in the industrial moisture industry manufacturing a range of on-line sensors & at-line instruments for moisture measurement and real-time moisture process control for numerous applications. 

Morgan Advanced Materials

Stand: 1325

Morgan Advanced Materials is a global engineering company. We apply world-class material science and manufacturing expertise to solve the technical challenges that our customers face everyday. 



Stand: 1615

Nabertherm with 500 employees worldwide have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for Advanced Manufacturing and the ceramic industry for 70 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm offers a very wide and deep range of furnaces. 150,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency.


Stand: 1408

Nanmac designs, customizes and develops the total thermal sensing circuit. Nanmac is committed to achieving 100% Quality through its focus to continuous process improvement, the selection and training of its employees, understanding its customers needs completely, continuously advancing its technology in materials, equipment, thermal modelling and its quality systems implementation. Nanmac works with our suppliers to achieve high quality and lowest cost results. To do this it will obtain and maintain its ISO 9001:2008ISO/IEC 17025:2005AS 9100C certifications and registrations.

Nano Join

Stand: 1002

Nano-Join GmbH provides the electronic industry with high-performance sintering materials. Our materials can be used as solder materials but with improved lifetime and improved performance. Our sinter pastes are stable at room temperature and can be processed with or without pressure.


Stand: 1514

Nanotechnolgy challenges the classification of chemical elements. Although nano-objects and macro-objects share the same composition, nano-objects properties are far better. In the nano world, there is no gold but numerous types of gold.

The introduction of nanomaterials will give birth to breakthrough innovations in the ceramic industry. Indeed, nano-scale ceramics not only better existing products properties but also allow to market revolutionary products including key clean technologies such as solid oxide fuel cells and supercondensers.

Nanotechnology Industries Association

Stand: 1346

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) is the cross-sectoral, responsible voice for nanotechnology value chains and the global commercial eco-system.

NIA supports innovation and commercialisation of next generation of nanotechnologies and promotes their safe and reliable advancement.

NewTec Scientific

Stand: 1106

NewTec Scientific is a company specialized in image acquisition, management and processing and has developed several instruments around microscopy:
•      MT1000 : Thermomechanical in-situ tensile stage 
•      FurnaSEM : In-situ furnace up to 1100°C
•      Cathodyne : Cathodoluminescence analyser
•      CELDI : In-situ observation solid/fluid reactions
•      CryoStem : In-situ Cooling/Heating (-150°C to +150°C)

Nikon Metrology

Stand: 1122

Nikon is one of the world's leading suppliers of products and solutions based on advanced opto-electronics and precision technologies.

Nikon is famous for its cameras and binoculars, but we make a whole range of other products too.
For example, did you know we manufacture equipment used to fabricate the semiconductors found in your PC and smartphone? And that we make measuring instruments that detect microscopic defects in electronic components? Nikon technologies contribute to people's lives in ways you may never have imagined.


Niton UK

Stand: 1721

Niton UK is the market leader in handheld materials analysers. This leadership encompasses not only market share but also significant experience and expertise in verifying alloys, precious metals, rare earth elements, polymers, and hazardous material. Niton UK handheld instruments use X-Ray Fluorescence XRF, Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy LIBS or Raman technology. The Company represents products from global instrument manufacturers Thermo Scientific Niton and TSI inc. Instruments are manufactured in the USA, but serviced here in the UK to the ISO9001 standard.


Stand: 1618

Nu-Star is an OEM in the Material Handling sector, specialising in the design and manufacture of electric tugs to push, pull and manoeuvre industrial loads. In the ceramic industry our electric tugs are used for moving kiln cars into and out of autoclaves and pushing and pulling raw material carts.

Nutec Bickley

Stand: 1425

NUTEC GROUP is an international leader in the design and implementation of highly innovative and efficient industrial heating systems. The highly-qualified engineers at NUTEC BICKLEY serve clients through the design, building and installation of combustion systems, thermal insulation and complete industrial furnaces and kilns.



Stand: 1233

The history of OCSiAl began in 2009 with the question – “Is it possible to create an industrial technology for the synthesis of single walled carbon nanotubes, scalable to hundreds of thousands of tons per year with costs, which will have been reduced up to one hundred times?”

This dream united famous physicist Mikhail Predtechenskiy and such businessmen as Yuri Koropachinskiy, Yuri Zelvenskiy and Oleg Kirillov. They saw a fundamental opportunity to improve the properties of most of the produced materials.


Stand: 1102

Omniscan is a supplier of leading edge surface analysis instrumentation and metrology solutions to industry and academia and has provided high quality and focussed solutions to academic and industrial customers for the past 10 years.

We provide instrumentation and consulting for measurement of surface roughness, waviness and shape; layer thickness and optical properties ranging from the sub-nanometer to the cm scales along with surface modification and laser lithography.

Drawing on over 20 years of scientific training and technical experience we aim to offer a lot more than simply supplying equipment.


Stand: 1002

OrelTech is a trailblazer in the field of advanced metallization techniques. The patented surface coating technology can be utilized across a range of industries, including printed electronics, chemical manufacturing and aerospace/automotive. Using a breakthrough process it’s now possible to deposit functional metal layers onto almost any surface including paper, fabric and plastics.  As an example, utilizing inkjet printing as application method allows to print highly conductive patterned transparent electrodes for displays, touchscreens and lighting OLEDs.

Oxford Instruments

Stand: 1123

Oxford Instruments plc is a leading provider of high technology products, systems and tools to the world's leading industrial companies and scientific research communities.

We use innovation to turn smart science into world-class products that support research and industry to address the great challenges of the 21st Century. We are proud to be recognised as the leaders in what we do and for the difference we make in the world.


PCL Ceramics

Stand: 1429

Based in King's Lynn, PCL Ceramics has over twenty-three years’ experience in product development in ceramic technology and offer a truly innovative range of products. PCL Ceramics specialises in a range of high pressure casting systems including, casting machines, moulds and materials.

PI-KEM Limited

Stand: 1315

PI-KEM is a specialist supplier of Advanced Materials and Equipment for science, research and industry, based in the UK supplying Worldwide. Supporting key research globally, PI-KEM understands that quality, specification and competitive pricing are of the upmost importance to our customers.

Phillips & Leigh

Stand: IP103

Phillips & Leigh is a long established firm of patent and trade mark attorneys, founded in 1882. Based in London, we operate globally, and provide services relating to intellectual property rights (for example, patents, trade marks, designs, domain name registrations, and copyright). These services include obtaining protection for client intellectual property; advising our clients on (and challenging) competitor rights; advising in the commercial exploitation of client intellectual property (including due diligence in acquisition of intellectual property by our clients); and advising in contentious issues and conflict resolution.

PowderPro Göteborg AB

Stand: 1619

PowderPro AB develop, manufacture, market and sell equipment and know-how for Freeze Granulation, spray freezing and subsequent freeze drying (lyophilization or cryodesiccation). Freeze Granulation was developed in late 1980s at Swedish Ceramic Institute and it is also a development of Spray Freeze Drying (SFD) and Spray Freezing into Liquid (SFL).

Precision Ceramics

Stand: 1624

We are dedicated to the engineering of technical ceramics. We specialise in the design, manufacture and machining of bespoke and advanced technical ceramic components for an ever-widening array of worldwide applications.

Promethean Particles

Stand: 1024

Promethean Particles was established in 2007 following a spin-out from Nottingham University based on the research of Professor Ed Lester (Chemical Engineering department). The company was originally based at Biocity Nottingham, then relocated to larger premises in 2012 at the Nottingham Science Park.

Promethean Particles now possesses full-scale manufacturing capabilities and moved into a new production site in May 2016. This is the world’s largest continuous multi-material nanoparticle manufacturing plant and is solely owned by Promethean Particles.



Stand: 1002

RadiSurf designs the coating and adhesive solutions of tomorrow. With our unique industrial-scale process for deposition of polymer brush nanolayers, we provide tailored solutions to solve detrimental industrial challenges in material assembly or surface design. RadiSurf customizable coatings offers unparalleled possibilities in product design.

Randd UK

Stand: 1410

Talk to Randd UK about how to fund your R&D projects with rewards from HMRC. Recognized by The 2019 Parliamentary Review as the best practitioner: R&D Tax credits. We maximize customer claims with strong manufacturing/engineering technical reports and R&D tax specialists. Chat with randd UK to find if you qualify for R&D rewards from HMRC. And how much?


Stand: 1552

Rauschert, a globally leading producer of technical ceramics, plastic components and functional components, has set the accomplishment of its customers’ requests and satisfaction as the highest quality goals. Right behind the safety of our employees, the quality of our products and processes hat the number one priority.


Stand: 1636

The Resodyn™ Acoustic Mixers vision is to enable our customers to achieve a level of product quality and manufacturing competitiveness never before thought possible. Resodyn Acoustic Mixers provide advanced solutions for a broad range of R&D and industrial mixing and processing challenges.


Stand: 1537

Riedhammer is the world’s leading kiln plant manufacturer. 
With 90 years of know-how, innovative technology and excellence in the fields of carbon, ceramics and sanitaryware we are the perfect partner for customers seeking advanced, reliable technological solutions for all firing processes. We provide and install complete plant solutions that extend both upstream and downstream from the kiln - worldwide.



Stand: 1643

SILCA more than 30 years of know-how and innovation.

SILCA is an internationally operating service and sales company of the CALSITHERM group specialized in high temperature materials as well as lightweight thermal insulation in different fields of application. Over the past years we have been the only German producer of calcium silicates to show that with innovative products you can continuously improve both, safety and productivity. In refractory technologies we cover all areas in a wide variety of industries, ranging from aluminium casting over domestic fire places and chimneys to heat treatment plants. In addition to the supply of material we also offer a comprehensive service regarding technical demands and innovations. This service includes technical consultation, engineering, material supply, complete service including the assembly of high temperature facilities.

Together with our companies SILCA Italia, SILCA Insulation (SEA) Malaysia, SILCA South Africa, SILCA Mexico as well as International Syalons and SRS Amsterdam we are operating on a worldwide basis.

Consistent quality requires the systematical cooperation of all parties involved in the processes of production, sales and application. Thus we develop efficient products that meet our customers high quality requirements. The basis for our quality and innovation is our know-how gained from more than 30 years of experience.

The main keys of our success are the exceptional quality of our products, the high level of customer satisfaction as well as our motivated and qualified employees.


Stand: 1101

SPECS leads the way in state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge components, compact and individually designed systems for surface analysis. 

SPT Roth

Stand: 1416

Small Precision Tools, SPT has taken its expertise in the fine art of watchmaking – manufacturing high precision micro-miniature tools – and applied it to the high-tech, fast-paced world of modern microelectronics and high technology products

Sama Maschinenbau GmbH

Stand: 1537

SAMA GmbH - founded in 1996 - has made dynamic progress, establishing itself as the leading manufacturer of fine ceramic plant and machinery on the international market. 
The reason for the success is the technical competence resulting from a concentration of highly qualified staff, thus bringing together decades of expertise in the building of machinery and plants for the tableware and technical ceramics industry

Sanderson Technology

Stand: 1121

Sanderson Technology Ltd provides innovative solutions and material characterisation instrumentation for particle size, charge and surface area. Complementing our product portfolio we also offer consultancy services, formulation and laboratory services.


Stand: 1405

Sauereisen, established in 1899, is a leading manufacturer of high performance specialty cements. Our complete family of more than twenty inorganic adhesives and potting compounds is engineered to meet specific requirements. Our line of high temperature performance cements is used for bonding ceramic, metal and glass in the electrical, mechanical, metallurgical and sensors/instruments markets.

Science and Technology Facilities Council

Stand: 1015

Gain unique insights into material properties, transform products and boost productivity.

The Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Bridging for Innovators programme offers businesses funded access to a suite of cutting-edge scientific facilities and knowledge to fast-track solutions to industrial challenges.

From start-ups to large corporates, Bridging for Innovators supports companies to overcome manufacturing or process performance issues by utilising more than £2bn worth of government investment in world-leading facilities.

Through access to these unique facilities and by working closely with experienced research and innovation professionals, companies can address specific challenges and accelerate innovation.


Scientific & Medical Products Ltd

Stand: 1222

Since its founding in 1979, Scientific & Medical Products (SciMed) has been a highly successful distributor of laboratory and process equipment. We exclusively represent a number of leading manufacturers in the UK and Ireland and have recently been appointed the distributor for several companies in France and other selected regions around Europe.

Scientific Vacuum Systems

Stand: 1110

Established in 1990, Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd. (SVS) has specialised in the manufacture of Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) systems. SVS longevity has been due to its ethos of “Strength in Design”, which has been the foundation of all their manufactured products.

From the simplest electron beam evaporation system to a fully automatic production sputter coater, engineering excellence, quality and reliability are the company's principal values. SVS have also recognised the importance of being amongst the leaders in emerging technologies. SVS are committed to investing in research for new sputtering and evaporation techniques to develop processes to a commercial scale.


Stand: 1019

SemiMetrics represents manufacturers offering semiconductor, Ceramic composite and nanostructured materials characterisation systems including: (a) thermal analysis methods: DSC, TGA, DMA, STA, Thermal conductivity. (b) contact electrical methods: Resistivity, Seebeck Effect, Hall Effect, DLTS, (c) non-contact methods: Atomic Force Microscopy Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Photovoltage/photocurrent Microscopy, Photoluminescence, Cathodoluminescence, Kelvin Probe, Microwave Photoconductive Decay.

Spectrographic Limited

Stand: 1148

Spectrographic, celebrating twenty years in business, supply an industry wide range of metallographic equipment for preparing samples. 

Cutting, mounting, polishing machines, hardness testers, microscopes and full range of consumables. 

Our Service team are also available to support these machines.  

We offer extraordinary service for extraordinary customers.

Stable Micro Systems

Stand: 1407

Stable Micro Systems' roots lie in high quality design and development engineering. We hope that this will be evident when you see the engineering excellence built into every one of our accessories. Our design and development skills are honed by our own applications laboratory tests and by feedback from our customers.

Every probe and attachment is rigorously inspected for dimensional accuracy, profile and finish during manufacture, again both during and after assembly and finally before despatch to the customer.

Surface Measurement Systems

Stand: IP101

Surface Measurement Systems develop and engineer gravimetric sorption analysers and inverse gas chromatography instruments for physico-chemical characterization of solid state materials. Our instruments can be used for studying sorption and desorption isotherms, vapor and gas diffusion kinetics, hysteresis effects, stability studies, water activity, phase transformations, amorphous content, permeability, surface energy heterogeneity, dispersive and acid-base surface energy, solubility parameters, heats of adsorption and works of adhesion and cohesion.

Swinton Insurance

Stand: 1027

Throughout the years, Swinton has been committed to working hard for our customers, taking the time to listen and going the extra mile, so challenge Swinton to find you a great deal.

This honest personal approach, inherited from Ken, is still the cornerstone of our business. Today we offer a wide range of insurance products; from car to home, commercial to taxi insurance, plus services like breakdown cover. And we also look for the same qualities in the individuals and companies we work with.

But it’s our people and their dedication to our customers that make the biggest difference. This is why many people trust us to help protect the things that matter to them.


Stand: 1320

Sympatec develops, manufactures, sells, services and supports an innovative range of best instruments for particle size and shape analysis in laboratory and process for customers worldwide.

With continuous innovations in the technological fields of laser diffraction, dynamic image analysis, ultrasonic extinction and photon cross-correlation spectroscopy (PCCS), Sympatec makes a prominent contribution to the development, production and quality control of most challenging particulate systems.

Typical applications cover dry powders and granules, fibres, suspensions, emulsions, gels, sprays and inhalants within a size range from 0.5 nm to 34,000 µm.

Modular instruments show great versatility and can be adapted to the specific task within your laboratory.



TBAT Innovation

Stand: 1226

Based in the East Midlands, with clients throughout the UK, we’re a niche independent consultancy working with technology/R&D focused companies, for nearly 15 years.

We have a vibrant team of highly skilled and experienced individuals that come together to deliver exciting grant funding, R&D tax credit and consultancy projects for our clients. We’re very proud of our successful track record and feel that our honest and pragmatic approach is key to maintaining it.


Stand: 1215

TESCAN is one of the global suppliers of scientific instruments. The company is building its reputation and brand name in the field of designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and system solutions for different applications.

Testbourne Ltd

Stand: 1310

Testbourne Ltd is a professional high technology / materials company, supplying high purity materials, single crystals & wafers, evaporation sources, ceramic to metal components, thin film measuring and control, sample preparation and industrial microwave equipment. Established in 1978 we have over 36 years of experience with metals, alloys and compounds, in a variety of market areas including glass coatings, electronics, energy, defence, semiconductors, decorative & hard wearing coating industries, government research establishments and universities.

The Sixth Element

Stand: 1444

The Sixth Element (Changzhou) Materials Technology, founded in 2011, is the leading Chinese graphene manufacturer, offering graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide and different graphene types, adopted to the relevant application. Current production capacity is 300 mt/a with an expansion to finally 1000 t/a ongoing. For graphene oxide and graphene a REACH registration has been done, for reduced graphene oxide one is prepared. The Sixth Element’s products are used in commercial volumes in corrosion protection coatings, heat dissipation films and PA6 fibres. Other application areas are just prior launch. Over 25 R&D specialists support our customers to develop solutions with graphene. 

The University of Sheffield

Stand: 1205

Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield is part of the Faculty of Engineering which is number 1 in the UK for research income and investment. Our research focuses on the major themes of biomaterials, functional materials, metals and nuclear. We lead, or are influential in a number of centres of research excellence, including the Henry Royce Institute, MAPP Hub, DARE and CDP, amongst others.

Therser (UK)

Stand: 1515

The company was formed in 2009 by experienced engineers and managers drawn from the ceramics industry. We have combined expertise in kilns, furnaces, production line management, clean air solutions and manufacturing legislation. The business name is an abbreviation of ‘Thermal Services’, reflecting the broad scope of the solutions we offer our customers.

Our goal is to provide each customer with a bespoke solution to meet the challenges of their industry. From our Head Office and workshop in Burslem, near Stoke-on-Trent, we offer a comprehensive range of manufacturing and consulting services. These can be taken as stand-alone services, or as part of wider design and manufacturing solution.

Thomas Swan Advanced Materials

Stand: 1328

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. is an independent chemical manufacturing company. With offices and warehousing in the UK, USA and China and a global network of distributors, we service the domestic and international markets and export to over 80 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1926 in Consett, in the North East of England – still home to our manufacturing facilities – Thomas Swan today produces over 100 products, in kilogramme to multi-tonne quantities, and offers an experienced and flexible manufacturing service.

Top Seiko

Stand: 1430

Our company was named “Top Seiko” to express its business goal of becoming the top precision machining and manufacturing company in the world. “Seiko” is a Japanese word meaning “precision machining” Being a newly established small company, we quickly found that the competition between machining companies of common industrial materials was too intense for us to even survive. 


Udl Intellectual Property

Stand: 1237

We’re a leading IP firm with a dedicated chemistry and materials team. We work with clients of all sizes to help increase company value and secure market-leading positions through patent rights. Come and see us on stand 1237 for a free initial consultation about how you can protect your innovation.

University of Birmingham

Stand: 1442

Birmingham has been challenging and developing great minds for more than a century. Characterised by a tradition of innovation, research at the University has broken new ground, pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge and made an impact on people’s lives. We continue this tradition today and have ambitions for a future that will embed our work and recognition of the Birmingham name on the international stage.

University of Central Lancashire

Stand: 1117

Today the University is one of the UK’s largest with a student and staff community approaching 38,000. Internationally the University has academic partners in all regions of the globe and it is on a world stage that the first class quality of its education was first recognised. The University has an increasingly thriving campus in Cyprus delivering UCLan programmes and original research within a Central Lancashire environment and culture.

University of Leeds

Stand: 1212

Our academics conduct wide ranging research that has real world impact and our ability to innovate often leads to new products, services and solutions. Working together, we can help you translate ideas into business opportunities. You can access our research expertise in a way to suit you. You can access our academic experts and facilities through our innovation centre Nexus. It brings together a vibrant community of innovators supported by a dedicated team. We can work together to create effective partnerships that deliver commercial impact. We offer funded research and innovation initiatives such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and the opportunity to apply for research funding both in the UK and overseas. The University also has major strategic research partnerships with research institutes and these could have benefits for your organisation.

University of Manchester

Stand: 1116

The University of Manchester is the home of graphene – it is where the one-atom thick material was first isolated.

Today we have an unrivalled breadth of academic expertise and work in collaboration with dozens of partners. By leveraging the research power along with the vast infrastructure we have put in place we can leverage the investment in fundamental science and facilities to collaboratively generate value, IP and skills needed for the development of products and applications.

University of Oxford

Stand: 1219

Oxford is a truly international university, bringing together the best and brightest minds from around the world. Our 12,000 staff and 22,000 students come from a wide range of backgrounds and over 140 countries and territories, making Oxford a diverse and dynamic place to work and study. Ranked number one in the world in the 2016 Times Higher Education World Rankings, we are at the forefront of the full range of academic disciplines, including medical sciences; mathematical, physical and life sciences; humanities; and social sciences.

University of Strathclyde

Stand: IP104

Here at Strathclyde, we want you to feel right at home. There's more or less everything you need on campus and for anything else, you have an entire city to choose from.

You'll find us in the heart of Glasgow's city centre where we're surrounded by supermarkets to suit all tastes, we have an abundance of high street stores along with loads of great little thrift stores, second-hand shops and boutiques, restaurants for every cuisine, clubs, theatres, museums - you name it, we have it. But you'll discover all that when you come to visit us! In the meantime, take a look at our campus.

University of Surrey - Ion Beam Centre

Stand: 1118

The University of Surrey is a global community of ideas and people, dedicated to life-changing education and research. With a beautiful and vibrant campus, we provide exceptional teaching and practical learning to inspire and empower our students for personal and professional success.


William Blythe Limited

Stand: 1321

William Blythe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Synthomer PLC, is a manufacturer of inorganic speciality chemicals and advanced materials with sales worldwide.

Founded in 1845 and based in Accrington, UK, WB's manufacturing capabilities extend from laboratory scale to multi thousand tonne manufacturing plants.

Serving diverse application sectors including catalysts, coatings, electronics, life sciences, polymer additives and energy, WB’s portfolio covers iodine, tin, copper and tungsten derivatives. WB also produces advanced materials and their precursors, among others high purity graphene oxide, perovskite metal halide pre-cursor salts and anode and cathode materials for energy storage applications.

We welcome all enquiries from companies for your specific needs.


Stand: 1211

Since its founding in 1997, WITec has established itself as a market leader in the field of nano-analytical microscope systems (Raman, AFM, SNOM). As reflected in WITec’s maxim "Focus Innovations", our success is based on constantly introducing new technologies and a commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction through high-quality, flexible and innovative products.



Stand: 1718

XJet is a provider of groundbreaking metal and ceramic additive manufacturing technologies and solutions. Founded in 2005, XJet has developed and introduced the revolutionary NanoParticle Jetting™ technology. With a decade of research behind it, our NPJ technology enables the production of metal or ceramic parts with the same ease and versatility of inkjet printing without compromising throughput or quality. Our world-class team of skilled industry veterans and dynamic R&D specialists holds over 75 registered and pending patents. Leveraging our proprietary technology and proven expertise, XJet is redefining the metal and ceramic AM industries.


Stand: 1503

Founded in 2005, Xoptix's unique range of in-process particle sizers are used around the world for optimising our customer's production processes.

The ability to precisely monitor and control the output of particulate production in real time, saves money, reduces waste, and reduces the environmental impact of those processes.

Because our focus is entirely on process, we are better able to provide real solutions for our customers, shown by our Intellisizer range which is constantly evolving to meet customer requirements.


Yixing Zhong Run Ceramics Technology Co.,Ltd

Stand: 1421

Yixing Zhong Run Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company specialized in pressing industrial ceramics. 

We make use of several forming and machining techniques to process components made from alumina ceramics, steatite ceramics, zirconia ceramics, cordierite ceramics, mgo ceramics, corundum ceramics, etc. These materials can be used in such applications as require wear and corrosion resistance, with high temperature capability, abrasion resistant and electrical resistance. 

Yordas Group

Stand: 1327

Yordas Group is a leading provider of scientific, environmental, human health, global regulatory, sustainability and product stewardship consulting services. Yordas has a solid and internationally recognised reputation as a provider of training, advice and services to ensure compliance across the globe, with regional representation and service providers in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Delivering innovative solutions for business, industry and government, Yordas continues to create value and sustainability for our clients. The key sectors we serve include Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Chemical, Agrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Mining. Crosscutting themes such as Sustainability, Product Stewardship, Chemical Notification Systems, Environmental Permitting, and Waste Management are within the broad portfolio of services we provide to our customers.


ZEISS Microscopy

Stand: 1018

ZEISS is one of the world leading manufacturers of microscopes. In addition to excellent light-/ion- and electron microscopes, ZEISS also manufactures a diverse range of fluorescence optical sectioning systems as well as high-resolution x-ray microscopes.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy is a leading provider of microscope solutions in the life sciences and materials research markets and QA/QC and also manufactures optical sensor systems for integrated process analysis.


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